Guitar Shop Repair Rates

We offer a full range of Guitar, Bass, Uke, & Mandolin Repair services

Shop hours are Mon-Fri, 10am-4pm

Our most commonly requested service is a setup or a restring. Our rates for setups are as follows. (Please Note: These rates do not include the cost of strings for your instrument.)

6 String Full Setup: $60

• Restring and Cleaning: $35

• Floyd Rose Full Setup: $75

We offer the following services on a per quote basis

Neck resets, refrets, saddles and adjustments

• Acoustic cracks and major top repairs

• Acoustic and electric stringed instrument upgrades and replacement parts

• Pickup installs on both acoustic and electric instruments

• Vintage stringed instrument repairs

• Hollowbody/Archtop repairs

• Other repairs include fingerboard replacement. Headstock repairs

• If you have a repair need that is not listed here feel free to contact us.

Phone: (918)-896-5227



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